Monday, February 28, 2011

Bear Box

A lovely box for first time flying :)

Another restocked for my sewing crafts :)

Another shopping for my sewing gadget today..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovely Patchwork pillow

Finally the patchworks pillow is done! Wuhuuu!! "PM" me if anybody interested to order.. You may put it in your car, office, living hall or in your business area.. Price are really reasonable with japan cotton for the fabric.. The price are included fiber pillow & patchworks cover..

Sulaman manik - Teratai & Belit

Baru finish beading baju pelanggan hari ni.. 2 tangan + kaki baju.. Tangan= tema teratai & kaki baju=tema belit.. Menggunakan manik epal beads Japan dan corak benang adlh tersembunyi.. Harga upah campur manik cuma RM 40 shj.. Siapa nak boleh 'PM' me ok! ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

More tea bag fabrics available

New tea bag fabrics for new order this week. I got them in bright red and peach.. This round the orders come from my beading customer and my friends.. Here's are those lovely tea bags fabrics pattern available.. With fragrance of lavender which is long lasting you may put them in your car, inside cupboard or any where appropriate place.. You may used them as souvenir to friends, marry gift to people, full month baby or any other appropriate events.. 

Order now: 10 packs of tea bag you'll get 1 pack of tea bag for free.. Feel free to e-mail me for more details :)

Latest tea bag patterns.

It's time for restock!

I have a short shopping today for sewing source, few ribbons and new plastic for upcoming tea bags order :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Crafts Gallery picture is on Flickr..

My Crafts Gallery picture is on Flickr.. Feel free to visit them :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breaking news: Tea bag

This lovely tea bag will fly in a group with airplane soon :D
Destination? Outside of Malaysia with journey more than or equal to 72 hours.. stay tune :)

Cutting those fabrics into tea bag shape..

and final process, taraaa.. my tea bag with lavender scents.. tight up with fancy ribbon and lovely lace.. Special made for my best friend wedding gift.. I hope she will like them most :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the process of gathering those tea bag materials.. Ouchh! I forgot those blue and violet roses..

To be continued......

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tea bag is on the Way..

90 pieces sachet tea bag is on the way.. Tonight activity are measurement and play with the ruler ;p

What a lovely Sakura silk for beautiful tea bag

Measure and make the pattern

To be continue.........

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My new sewing gadgets

Tara.. my new sewing gadget.. Olfa cutting mat 12″ x 18″ dan Ruler Omnigrid 12″ x 6″ atau 4″ x 14″.. I was searching so long to get these gadget.. Love them so much :D .. I'll continue to produce more cute products after this..

An embroidery pillows

Finally after 2 days been struggling, I have completed an order for the pillow.. I called it embroidery pillow as the fabric is made with embroidery.. They was so lovely.. I make them with 4 + 1 pieces.. Come together with the pilling in in front of the face and fiber for the body :D.. Should anybody interested, you may e-mail me for more inquiry.. I plan to make quilt pillow after this! stay tune!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Dear All my friends..
Feel free to view all my sewing and beading products and you may contact me for the reservation price.. Free give will be given to certain orders..

Beading: You may send your own clothes to me and choose the beading pattern accordingly. Reservation price will be given after pattern had been choose.

Sewing:  You may send your own fabrics to me or give me your own theme of choices.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marriage souvenirs

The sample of tea bag perfumes done today. I made it not really same 100% per patch pottery blog but the pattern is there. I made another 2 for Rose Desert and Lavender scents..

One of my friend is getting marry by end of this month. So I was thinking a great and simple souvenirs for her guest later. My choice is simple perfume tea bag. The idea is from patchwork pottery blog and I hope she gonna love it so much..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Next project - Sewing

I'm working out for television cover, table cover, pillows, washing machine cover and lovely sling bag.. Hope I'll be able to complete them by this weekend after adjourn them for so many weeks..

This bag really looks lovely. I hope I can sew a beautiful bag such as this soon ;)

The rest of my sewing crafts :)

Here're those of my sewing products. I'm doing for kitchen applicants & organizer at this moment due to limited time available.. InsyaAllah, my next project will be a variety of bags :D

 Lovely apron

 Microwave oven cover

 Fridge cover

Oven cover A 

 Pot mat

 Pot pincher

 Dish towel A

 Dish towel B

 Mug Mat A

 Mug mat B

 Oven cover B

 Toaster cover

 Oven cover B

 Oven cover C

 Wall organizer A

Oven cover C

 Wall organizer B - small

Tissue holder

New hobby after beading

After a while with beading I started to fall in love with Sewing works. With a support from one of my colleague, I'm starting my sewing program by end of Nov 2010.. It was pretty hard as well as I didn't have any basic same as beading but I keep in my mind that if I'm able to do beading, I can do sewing as well.. So, here's my first sewing product.. A kitchen mat :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Teratai Untuk Raja Sehari

I'm working out for new 2 beading clothes at this moment.. I called them "Teratai Untuk Raja Sehari" and "Kilauan Permata".. It's gonna be a huge project as they're using a lot of lovely beads with more off my creativity works and huge cost as well.. Will post those pictures once I'm completed the mission.. Stay tune ;p
30% of the works.. Still have a long journey to complete..

Another options of sulaman manik works

Besides doing beading for clothes, I'm sharpen my skills toward hijab beading.. It's a good starting as well.. Another credit to my self :D.. I'm working out for next hijab beading project.. Gonna share the picture once I have it..

My sulaman manik works gallery

Let's review for the rest of my sulaman manik works creativity.. Unfortunately I didn't hired any model for my blog at this moment ;D